Sunday Service 25th July

This will be the final online service, so thank you for joining in week by week! Click here for the service. Click here for the hymn, "O Worship The King".

Sunday Service 18th July

How do you respond when your plans are thwarted? It can be very revealing! And when Jesus's plans are thwarted in Mark 6, it reveals him to us too - in all his glory. Click

Sunday Service 11th July

We are back in Mark's Gospel, picking up where we left off in March. And it is a very timely episode - the death of John the Baptist - which helps us to be courageous

Sunday Service 4th July

Weakness is painful - but, if it leads us to Christ, it is purposeful and full of promise. Click here for today's service. Click here for the hymn, "Immortal, Invisible".

Sunday Service 27th June

We finish our series on fears for our churches by looking at the fear that there is not enough money to go around. Thankfully, it's not a new fear - and God is more than

Sunday Service 20th June

As we face our fears, what about the fear that things have changed too much, and that Christianity is no longer relevant? What hope do we find in Scripture and church history to address that?

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