Sunday Service 9th May

Jesus commands us to love one another - but this is no grim burden. And ultimately, he has an even better purpose for us. Click here for today's service. Click here for the hymn, "Christ

Sunday Service 2nd May

Jesus invites us to abide in him - but how does he motivate us, and how practically do we do this? Click here for today's service. Click here for the hymn, "God Moves In A

Sunday Service 25th April

The person and work of Jesus Christ provide us with the fuel we need for his mission - and the Holy Spirit provides the spark at Pentecost. So as we move towards Pentecost, we are

Sunday Service 11th April

Between Easter and Pentecost Jesus prepared his disciples for their mission. It is a time where we too can be reminded of our purpose as a church, to offer life in his name. Click here

Easter Sunday Service

Christ is risen! And his resurrection is good news for frail, fallen and fearful people like us. Click here to listen to today's service. Click here for the hymn, "See What A Morning". And click

Good Friday Meditations

These meditations focus on the irony of the cross. Each meditation is about 5 minutes long, with a corresponding hymn and time for silence afterwards. Opening Hymn - When I survey Irony 1 - the

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