Sunday Service 25th October

What does it mean to be a disciple? Mark shows us as he tells us about Jesus calling Levi to follow him. Click here for today's service. Click here for the hymn, "I heard the

Sunday Service 18th October

As we continue in Mark's gospel, we find Jesus entering into a period of growing conflict. But out of the conflict comes a great assurance to us that he alone can meet our greatest need.

Sunday Service 11th October

Familiarity breeds contempt. So let us allow Mark to refresh our vision of Jesus and wonder once more at him. Click here for today's service. Click here for the hymn, "Ye Holy Angels Bright".

Sunday Service 27th September

Today we celebrate Harvest across our three churches. Click here to listen to the service. Click here for the hymn, "We plough the fields and scatter".

Sunday Service 20th September

Jesus came proclaiming the kingdom of God was at hand. But were these just nice-sounding words? In Jesus's first public appearance, we see this is in fact a powerful reality. Click here for today's service.

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